Wearable Technology: What A Time To Be Alive

Wearable technology is a category for technological items that can be worn and provide some benefit such as tracking information for health or more. The possibilities of wearable technology is quite fascinating and it’s slowly making its way into all of our households.

As Drake and Future would say ‘What a time to be alive’

Now that I’ve got the drake reference out the way, this image below gives a quick summary of the just a few wearable tech gadgets that are in the market currently.

Now onto the wearable product that everyone has some knowledge of…….drum roll……..the Apple Watch. Now when this product first came to market, i wasn’t sold on the concept but after doing some more research into the product and seeing what it is capable of doing, i was won over.

download (1)

Now here is a few cool things that smartwatches like the Apple Watch can do that has changed the way we do business.

  1. Apple Pay. The ability to pay for items by simply swiping you arm across seemed like a myth years ago but its today’s reality. Much like contact less payments have impacted the customer experience, so has Apple Pay and stores must capitalize on this if they wish to see more sales and greater satisfaction. You might have been in this situation once, in retail when a customer asks if you do contact less payments and you say no then they give you a death stare because you’ve now wasted seconds of their lives.
  2. Applications – the sheer size of the Apple Watch now requires marketers to descale their advertisements if they wish to keep the same amount of exposure on apple products and they must alter their applications too allow users to carry on brand loyalty. Otherwise you’re like someone who has a windows phone and can’t access Snapchat…..its sad times
  3. Geotagging – this is probably the fact that marketers are most happy about. The ability to track movements of users with a Apple Watch and specifically target adverts at them based on their location, where they’ve been and how long they are there. For the consumer is provides more personalized advertising but at the same time its kind of a invasion of privacy.

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