Viral Marketing

Hey guys, cheers for checking out another post! Hope you’ve been enjoying the posts so far. Today i’m talking about viral marketing, now if you don’t know what is completely is, i’m gonna fill you in. ( another music reference if don’t know, now you know) Viral Marketing is the core principle of encouraging individuals to pass on a specific marketing message to others via video/image etc. The success in viral marketing is making sure that the message is shared and passed around with the intended effect whether it be shock or entertainment.

Dan Ackerman Greenberg (2008) explained that an effective viral video consists of several key components:

  • Creating a simple video which can be edited/redone easily
  • Ensuring the video is not a boring and normal advertisement
  • Adding emotion
  • Create shock or suspense in the mind of viewers in order to stay interested/keep watching
  • And finally has to be approximately 15-30 seconds long.

Now i’m gonna give you guys an example of some cool and awesome viral marketing campaigns.

Firstly lets start with Three’s #DancePonyDance advert which featured a moon walking pony. Yes it’s that easy to create a viral campaign!! So far it’s received over 11 million views on YouTube and evolved into it’s own brand and products. Three also created the PonyMixer which allows users to create their own version of the ad.

Next up is two viral campaigns that dominated social media for the most part of 2014. The #ALSIcebucketchallenge and the #Nomakeupselfiechallenge which both involved donating money to charity and posting media online whether it be a no makeup selfie or being dunked in ice water. Participants would then tag friends to continue the viral marketing campaign. It became so big that even the Simpsons did one!! Both campaigns were major successes and raised lots of money and awareness for both causes which was really cool. So a big congrats to everyone who took part!

And the last one for today is a personal favourite of mine, no viral marketing blog would be complete without it, the Old Spice, the brand advert. In my opinion one of the funniest adverts every made as its pure genius and it never gets old.

Cheers for checking out another post and come back soon! #SunniLekh


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