Wonders of an online presence

online-presence-2Hey guys, cheers for checking out my blog and if you haven’t already why not take a look at my previous posts. Today I’m talking about the advantages having an online presence can have on your marketability!

Firstly some of you might be asking what exactly is an online presence? But don’t worry I got you! Kate Erikson (2013) defines an online presence as ‘the sum of all the identities you’ve created (can be both personal and business-driven) and the interactions those identities have established, and participated in, online.’. Now this can be created in many ways through websites, social media and even other people. An example of an individual who’s not active online but has an online presence is someone who is a member of an association that has a member’s directory online.

Now how does this benefit you? Below I’ve put together a short list of the wonders and advantages of having an online presence.

  1. Visibility & Awareness – The Internet is massive. With over 2.4 Billion users, the amount of people you can reach is phenomenal, much greater than physical interaction could ever hope to be. The opportunities it exposes you to is also enormous, for example LinkedIN, a business orientated social networking site that allows you to network with professionals. Ultimately you are creating brand awareness whether it’s your organisation or yourself.
  2. Cost-effective –
    Online presence is minimal costing, and in most cases FREE. YES FREE! You can create most social media accounts free of charge, but some other sites like website domains can incur costs. The ability to market yourself to a potential employer for free is pretty awesome if you ask me.
  3. Build your self as brand – By having
    an online presence you are able to market yourself as a brand. Especially for your personal online presence, for example creating a music reviewing blog that has social media like Twitter and Facebook integrated. This is an example of how you can build your own brand or even begin your own company.

Ultimately, the web is what you make of it. Although we cannot control our full online presence, we can work to make it, ourselves or organisations into a more recognizable brand that has greater reach. Thanks for reading guys, come back soon!!

Sunni Lekh


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