Welcome to My Blog

Hey guys…Firstly, here’s a big thank you for checking out my blog! My name’s Sunni Lekh; I’m a 20 year old student currently in the second year of studying Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations at Birmingham City University.

This blog will primarily feature topics associated with my degree and the lifestyle I live at University, so expect the majority of my posts to be about marketing or at least business orientated. This entry acts a short introduction of myself and what my blogs about but I’ll leave you with one of my favourite adverts atm by HP.

The hashtag of #KeepReinventing works really well with HP’s brand image so I really liked this campaign. It’s also very smart of HP to capitalize on the Star Wars franchise as it is soon to be the year’s biggest film release.

Cheers for reading! Make sure to come back and check out my new posts. In a bizzle, Sunni


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