Wearable Technology: What A Time To Be Alive

Wearable technology is a category for technological items that can be worn and provide some benefit such as tracking information for health or more. The possibilities of wearable technology is quite fascinating and it’s slowly making its way into all of our households. As Drake and Future would say ‘What a time to be alive’ Now… Continue reading Wearable Technology: What A Time To Be Alive

Wonders of an online presence

Hey guys, cheers for checking out my blog and if you haven’t already why not take a look at my previous posts. Today I’m talking about the advantages having an online presence can have on your marketability! Firstly some of you might be asking what exactly is an online presence? But don’t worry I got you! Kate Erikson… Continue reading Wonders of an online presence

Welcome to My Blog

Hey guys…Firstly, here’s a big thank you for checking out my blog! My name’s Sunni Lekh; I’m a 20 year old student currently in the second year of studying Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations at Birmingham City University. This blog will primarily feature topics associated with my degree and the lifestyle I live at University, so expect the majority… Continue reading Welcome to My Blog